Carmel Schools Yes! We Won!


The Carmel Schools Yes! PAC will ensure the passage of the 2017 Carmel Clay Schools Operational Replacement Referendum, by a special election on Tuesday, May 2, 2017.  Please take a moment and look through our website, to understand why our inadequate school funding must lead to a Yes! Vote May 2nd. Carmel Clay Schools must maintain academic excellence for all their students, and retain their high-quality Carmel teachers and staff.


Find out about our Carmel Schools Yes! Political Action Committee (PAC), whose goal is to pass the 2017 Operational Replacement Referendum for Carmel Clay Schools.

Ready to help us? Remember to vote in favor of the Operational Replacement Referendum on May 2, 2017.  #CarmelYesMay2.  You can also help spread our message through promotional materials, such as yard signs, or donate monetarily to support the PAC.